Midwifery Services

Receive the best possible care through your pregnancy journey

Along with your obstetrician visits to Bayside Obstetrics and Gynaecology, you will also have visits with Jaqui during your pregnancy, establishing a relationship that will continue throughout your delivery and postnatal period. Our aim is to provide a continuous service where you feel comfortable and supported in your choices, ultimately for the outcome of a healthy mum and baby.

After your delivery

Following your delivery under Bayside Obstetrics and Gynaecology, you will be visited daily by the midwifery team and the obstetricians for all your postnatal needs to continue your care. Upon discharge the midwives will continue to provide home visits at no cost and usually within 72 hours of returning home with your new baby.

Jaqui McRae is highly experienced in pregnancy, labour and post-delivery care, and is available for clinic or home visits, as well as telephone consults via mobile (0421 647876) to provide exceptional service for all her mothers and families.

Our Home Service

Our home visit service provides for continuity of care and support for families and their new babies. During your visit you can expect:

  • Parenting information and advice
  • Breast feeding and artificial feeding advice and support, allowing choice
  • Postnatal checks for both mother and baby, including weighing and measuring of baby to ensure that you are both healthy and thriving
  • Advice on settling techniques for a newborn
  • Ongoing emotional support

Our free bulk-billed midwifery home service is unique to South East Queensland and is included in your Bayside Obstetrics and Gynaecology experience, for up to 6 weeks post-delivery, usually on a weekly basis but more often if required. Furthermore, should you have difficulty and require postnatal service, our midwives are only too happy and always available to assist regardless of where you delivered and where you live.

Even if you have delivered elsewhere, if you are having difficulties and require postnatal assistance, please contact us as help and home visits are available from our midwives.

Meet our Midwife

Jaqui McRae RN/RM has over 40 years experience in nursing and midwifery care, helping tens of thousands of women and their babies throughout their pregnancies and post-delivery. She is full of enthusiasm and will go above and beyond to provide care and support for her mothers and babies (and fathers too if need be). Jaqui has worked extensively both in the public and private hospitals, including most recently in the midwifery group practice at Redlands Hospital. There is nothing that she hasn’t seen before and has worked independently, even in rural and remote settings, drawing on her experience to provide exceptional care.

Jaqui is a Medicare eligible midwife and as such, can work independently and provide bulk-billing services as part of the Bayside Obstetrics and Gynaecology group. She has achieved this qualification through sheer hard work and experience in order to help her women and their babies during and after their pregnancies.

Any further advice and information, Jaqui is available when needed, both in office hours (07) 3163 7424 or if urgent via 0421 647876.

Talk with Jaqui

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