Nursicare Breast Pads

Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads

Soothe cracked nipples and minimise pain associated with breastfeeding

Use Nursicare therapeutic breast pads for wounded, cracked & painful nipples on nursing mothers.

Pain is one of the main reasons for discontinuation of breastfeeding. If the mother is in pain, she may lose her desire to continue breastfeeding.

Nursicare pads facilitate fast pain relief and quick wound healing. No other products or treatments are needed or recommended. The pad is also useful when the mother feels pain with no visible wound, friction or running.

Nursicare offers a way for soothing tender, swollen and painful breasts and cracked nipples.

Why Nursicare?


Nursicare's unique ingredients work together to support and enable pain reduction in the wound. The mother quickly experiences comfort and relief for the wounded, cracked, or painful nipples.


Nursicare pads support natural healing and provide the optimal condition to restore the skin to its healthy state, helping keep nipples soft and flexible instead of dry, fragile and sensitive.


Nursicare pads allow wounds to "breathe". A semi-permeable film on the outside of the pads allows gas exchange and maintains the proper moisture level. The film helps prevent wound contamination from outside and leakage of fluid to clothing from inside.


Nursicare pads are comfortable and soothing. The pads are made of an advanced polymeric membrane whose use and patented* ingredients facilitate removal. The pads don't leave the skin feeling sticky or oily. Nursicare pads are easy to remove and do not adhere to a wound.


The structure and ingredients of Nursicare pads protect the nipple and prevent deterioration. The pads are thin, soft and flexible. They conform to the breast shape and prevent friction between the nipple and clothing. There is no need for extra cleaning of the injured nipple. The mild cleanser in Nursicare pads helps keep the wound clean through the healing process. Milk leakage is absorbed and locked inside the pads.


Nursicare pads have met appropriate international standards for safety and effectiveness. Nursicare pads have passed regulatory review and clearance in all the countries where marketed. PolyMem® products have been used for over 25 years safely and effectively.

I breastfed my son Dan while he was teething and suffered terribly from abrasion and cracked nipples. Thanks to Nursicare, the cracks disappeared, and the pain relief was immediate. It’s just a really great product. I recommend it to all my friends.


Mum of Dan, 18 months old

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