Dr Shian Miller

Dr Shian Miller is a skilled Obstetrician & Gynaecologist known for being calm, easy-going, and approachable. Patients often say that they had never had their condition explained so clearly before.

Her special interest is in Colposcopy and cervical abnormalities and, despite explaining about HPV and the new Australian Cervical Screening Program for the 2876th time, still does so enthusiastically. She also likes challenging removal of Mirenas, insertion of Mirena and other IUDs, solving menstrual issues, and vaginal and vulval lesions.

Shian is an enthusiast about obstetric ultrasound and loves sharing with families the growth of the baby from a tiny speck to a little person. She is highly proficient in vacuum assisted delivery and worked with Dr Aldo Vacca, who invented the Kiwi vacuum cup that is in use throughout Australia.

Shian graduated from the University of Queensland Medical School and completed her specialty training at hospitals in south-east Queensland, including RBWH, Mater, and the Gold Coast University Hospital. She enjoys teaching and has been an examiner for the UQ Medical School OSCEs for many years. In her ‘spare time’, she was a volunteer for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and has her sights set on the Brisbane Olympics 2032.